Alberta Methane Field Challenge

Photo Credit: Sonoma Technology, Inc

The Alberta Methane Field Challenge (AMFC) is launched through the Alberta Upstream Petroleum Research Fund (AUPRF) — a unique collaborative platform between the Government of Alberta, the Alberta Energy Regulator, and industry. The strong technical team providing oversight to the project includes producers, the Alberta Energy Regulator, BC Oil and Gas Commission, Harrisburg University/University of Calgary, Cap-Op Energy, and DXD Consulting.

The why:

The aim of this challenge is to assess the real-world performance of new methane sensing technologies in comparison with conventional optical gas imaging-based leak detection surveys. Operators and regulators in Canada are interested in new technologies that can deliver cost-effective methane emission detection/quantification compared to conventional approaches.

The how:

The Alberta Methane Field Challenge will permit selected technology teams (“participants”) to participate in leak detection surveys at oil and gas facilities in Alberta. These trials will be administered by a scientific team and will take place at selected oil and gas facilities in Alberta. Participants may be invited to participate in multiple field trials. Limited funding up to $20,000 per participant may be available to selected participants.

The who:

While we welcome all types of technologies (stationary, mobile, remote, etc.), we want to ensure a good match between our field capabilities and sensor abilities so that all parties involved can derive maximum benefit from this study.  We ask that applicants answer the questions in the application form with as much as detail as is possible without divulging sensitive information.

The when:

Trials will begin late Spring/early Summer 2019.
Applications Due: 11:59 pm MT on March 21st, 2019
Selection committee decisions sent to applicants: April 22nd, 2019

Application details:

Download application (docx)
Interested applicants should submit applications to:


For technical or scientific questions about the Alberta Methane Field Challenge, please contact Arvind Ravikumar at

Thank you for your interest in the Alberta Methane Field Challenge.