Understanding and Improving Management of VOCs from the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

Omar Hurtado, SNC Lavalin
GL 09-9182-50

Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) mandated SNC-Lavalin Inc., (SNC-Lavalin) to respond to the project “Understanding and Improving Management of VOCs from the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry” under project Reference #09-9182-50. This project has been formulated with input from the PTAC facilitated Air Research Planning Committee (ARPC) and is a priority for the Western Canadian upstream oil and gas industry. PTAC believes that a collaborative approach on this project will be of broad benefit to industry and governments. PTAC is an association that facilitates innovation, collaborative research, and technology development, demonstration and deployment for a responsible Western Canadian upstream hydrocarbon energy industry. PTAC’s objective is to improve the industry’s financial, environmental, and safety performance through the application of new technology and research.

This study will focus only on new VOC sources, or on VOC sources from the following activities:

  • Casing vent gas;
  • Gas migration;
  • Surface casing vent flows;
  • Venting – pneumatics;
  • Pneumatic instrumentation; and
  • Chemical injection pumps.
  • Glycol dehydration;
  • Land applications;
  • Process sewers and drains;
  • Site/well abandonments or orphaned sites;
  • Combustion dual fuel and bi-fuel;
  • Marine sources;
  • Marine tanker loading-unloading;
  • Marine facilities;
  • Rail transport.