Truck-Based Mobile Surveys (ExACT and OTM33A) to Support the PTAC Fugitive Emissions Management Program – Effectiveness Assessment (FEMP-EA) Project

Jennifer Baillie, Altus Group Ltd.

Oil and gas operators are keen to embrace Alternative methane measurement technologies to reduce the cost of regulatory compliance. Mobile truck-based surveys can deliver screening-level data, at low cost, and under almost any environmental condition. Unlike many proposed
Alternative methane measurement techniques, mobile surveys are operationally proven, having been used in many large peer-review oil and gas studies worldwide, and by the downstream petroleum sector for 2 decades or more. Altus Group is the first Canadian company to bundle
services, expertise, infrastructure, and proprietary software, for upstream operators in Canada.

The project data will directly serve the aims of the FEMP-EA project, will familiarize various operators with these Alternative tools, and will help support a made-in-Canada solution for methane Screening measurement.