Mobile Methane Sensing Analytics for Emissions Reduction

Chris Hugenholtz, University of Calgary

This study aims to quantify the relationship between facility operation and methane emissions, as well as develop a high-level review and decision tree for technologies targeted at reducing emissions in dehydration and refrigeration facilities. Through Process Ecology’s work supporting companies in Directive 39 compliance as well as advising on optimization and technology options, we will:

  • Estimate methane emissions for dehydration and refrigeration facilities in Western Canada.
  • Provide guidance regarding operating parameters which impact methane emissions in dehydration and refrigeration facilities
  • Demonstrate the relationships between key operating parameters and methane emissions.
  • Develop technology selection criteria for emissions reduction technology used or proposed for dehydration and refrigeration facilities, with emphasis placed on methane reduction.
  • Develop a marginal abatement cost curve to help companies identify the most cost efficient opportunities as well as the potential methane reduction associated with the different options.

Final Report