Erica Emery, Saskatchewan Research Council


We propose to provide an updated technology scan of commercial technologies, revisit research on the top two technologies, and determine which would be the most likely to succeed that is at a technical readiness level suitable for commercial validation. SRC would then partner with an oil and gas producer in southern Saskatchewan to build and implement a commercial demonstration of the chosen technology. Once the unit is installed, it will be monitored over the course of six months to characterize its performance.

Policy Issue

Methane Emissions

Knowledge Gap

Methane emissions abatement options are highly source and process specific in nature, making it difficult to offer generic solutions for the affected industry. In order to address methane emissions more urgently, the oil and gas sector requires better and more innovative solutions as it continues to explore options and take action to reduce methane emissions in a technically achievable and economically sustainable manner.

Final Report
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16-ARPC-05 Final Report