Emissions Reduction Opportunities in Dehydration Facilities

James Holoboff, Process Ecology Inc.

The industry will benefit from:

  • Better understanding of the relationship between operating parameters and methane emissions in dehydration and refrigeration facilities.
  • Increased knowledge of the various methodologies and technologies associated with reducing methane emissions in dehydration and refrigeration facilities, and being able to more intelligently select the best option based on site-specific parameters.
  • With increasingly stringent benzene emissions limits in 2017 and 2018, there is a corollary benefit that this report will also aid in the requirement for many companies to install technology to address reducing benzene emissions limits. At the same time, knowledge of which technologies also best address methane emissions reductions will be beneficial.

There is an overall benefit to industry given the requirement for corporate and industry sustainability and the need to demonstrate that the oil and gas industry is addressing methane emissions.