Development of a model to predict benzene emissions from glycol dehydrators with condensation tanks: Project Continuation

James Holoboff, Process Ecology Inc.
GL 15-ARPC-01

The ultimate goal is to develop a software Application which can accurately predict the benzene emissions reductions in condensing equipment. The Application would be widely applied in industry, incorporating sound engineering principles and underlying calculations. It would be validated with accurate field measurements, and incorporate a clear and comprehensive interface.

Policy Issue
Understanding the destruction efficiency of various combustion technologies to destroy benzene emissions.

Knowledge Gap
It would be very helpful to do a study to understand the efficiency of various technologies to destroy benzene. An assessment on flares would be complicated and we already have some accepted efficiencies for flares so that should be out of the scope of this work. It would be worthwhile to develop some knowledge on incinerators, reboilers (Jatco and Kenilworth technology), engines (very useful for some SlipStream projects and tie the still vent into the engine fuel) and catalytic heaters. It is important to have some accurate and consistent destruction efficiencies that the industry and the regulators agree upon and use for emission estimation and reporting purposes.

2015 Report