Developing a Stand-off (non-intrusive) Stack Testing Technology

Andre Fougres, INO
GL 15-ARPC-04

Assessment of the existing LiDAR for the measurement of NO2. The proposed activities are:

  • Adapt simulated stack for NO2 measurements (in INO’s parking lot)
  • Perform laboratory absorption measurements on reference cell
  • Perform concentration measurements on NO2
  • Perform concentration measurements of NO and NO2 simultaneously
  • Analyze data – Determine Limit of detection and interferences
  • Report and publicize results

Policy Issue
Identification and estimation of sources of emission for substances of concern.

Knowledge Gap

Ambient Air Quality Objectives are routinely reviewed and revised. Future compounds of potential interest include:

  • Mercury
  • Ultrafine particulate matter
  • Para-cresol
  • Radionuclides
  • PCB’s

Source identification and quantification of these compounds at Upstream Oil and Gas Facilities is required.

2015 Report