Airborne 3D Gas Imager Aerial Verification

Doug Hunter, LiDAR Services International Inc.

G3DI will enable continuous remote monitoring of emissions sources at very high accuracies using an active laser source which will enable detection under any light condition, day or night.  As it is a LiDAR sensor it has also been developed to be capable of simultaneous three dimensional mapping.  This 3D capability includes accurately mapping not only the surrounding terrain but also producing a 3D model of the gas plume itself.   The low cost of the sensor system is amplified by the use of new carbon composite aircraft types that are low in emissions themselves, low cost, and long endurance and thus enable high numbers of missions to be carried out for much less than conventional methods.  G3DI will also be extended to the detection of any other specified hydrocarbon gas.

17-ARPC-03 Gas Mapping LiDAR Report 180417v2