Jeff  Lettvenuk, Saskatchewan Research Council


The objective of this project is to test and validate the practical application of UAVs for gas detection and mapping for the oil and gas sector. Building upon the ongoing testing and development work being conducted by SRC, the primary focus of this project will be the field application and validation of this technology. SRC will identify industry partners to access 2 sites at which to test the technology. Preferred sites will be a single and a multi-well facility, ideally with pre-existing dispersion models. SRC will design and execute a series of test flights at each of the sites. Test flights will be designed in order to test and assess impacts of various operating parameters (e.g., flight speed, flight patterns, elevation, environmental conditions, etc.).

Policy Issues

Emissions from Hydraulic Fracturing

Knowledge Gap

There is a demonstrated need to explore environmental R&D related to the detection and reduction of air emissions from well sites over the well development lifespan.