Air Quality and Climate Change Applications 2017

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Project Title First Name, Last Name and Organization Funding Request Ranking Percentage
Estimating water and methane emissions in real time using Eddy Covariance Techniques and Analytics on tailing ponds. Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa
University of Alberta
$50,000 50%
Airborne 3D Gas Imager Aerial Verification Douglas Hunter
LiDAR Services International Inc.
$62,750 75%
Big Data Analysis on Air Emissions (hydraulic cracking, flaring, diesel combustion) in Alberta: Where do emission go? Stevan Dubljevic
University of Alberta
26000 47%
Distributed Air Quality Indicator Reporting Initiative (DAQIRI) Steve Liang
125,000 48%
Multilateral Junction Tool Kyle Klam
Modern Wellbore Solutions Ltd.
$150,000 43%
Edwin Oviedo
Foundation Econsciencia
Methane Emissions Reduction in Dehydration Facilities James Holoboff
Process Ecology Inc.
30000 83%
Methane Emissions Reduction: Canadian Initiative Patience Gregory
Polytechnique Montreal
500000 56%
Development and Pilot Study of Predictive Emission Monitoring System for Air Emissions from Combustion Sources Ke Du
University of Calgary
$80K 73%
Laser based area fugitive emission measurements of methane and carbon dioxide from oil sand mines and tailings ponds Nick Veriotes
Canadian Natural Resources Limited
$200k 56%
Assessment of Total Methane Fluxes including industrial Emission and Natural Consumption Processes Xiaohong (Iris) Xu
University of Windsor
80,000 59%
Mitigating Low Volume Methane Emissions Phase 2 Erica Emery
Saskatchewan Research Council
$75,000 70%
Predictive modelling of NOx emissions from stationary combustion sources in the UOG sector Alberto Alva Argaez
Process Ecology Inc.
$80,000 59%
A spatiotemporal data mining approach to study the Environmental impact of the sulfur emission for sour gas processing plants Xin Wang
University of Calgary
40,000 41%
CO2 Emissions Capture Membrane Technology Assessment Malcolm Wilson
Diversecure Corporation
$89,000 42%
Techno-economic study of vent and flared gas conversion to high value products Mohammad Mahmoudi
Canadynamics Inc.
$200,000 41%
Pneumatic Vent Gas Measurement Brian Van Vliet
Spartan Controls
$35,000 84%
Pilot Measurements Study for Methane Emissions Quantification at Upstream and Midstream Oil and Gas Facilities Dana Coe
Sonoma Technology, Inc.
150,000 USD 63%
Novel tools for non-target air monitoring of oil and gas production facilities James Harynuk
University of Alberta
52750 44%
New Air Emission Estimation Methodology For Oil tanks in Upstream Oil and Gas Laura Chutny
Process Ecology
$100,000 71%
Development of a continuously-operating, highly repeatable and auditable, cost-effective monitoring system to locate and quantify emissions via small unmanned aerial systems (sUASs). Vita and Lance Martez and Christensen
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and NASA
100000 79%
Anonymous Statistical Dataset from Alberta’s Largest Emission Data Inventory, Emission Central. Joshua Pinter
$30000 58%
Verification of Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging System Lindsay Jackiw
Saskatchewan Research Council
$135,000 73%
Aerial Emissions Detection and Mapping Lindsay Jackiw
Saskatchewan Research Council
$60,000 76%
Evaluation of Emission Inventory Quantification Methods Lindsay Jackiw
Saskatchewan Research Council
$42,000 62%
Life Cycle Assessment of Conservation Technologies for the Upstream Oil and Gas Sector Lindsay Jackiw
Saskatchewan Research Council
$35,000 65%
Emissions of air pollutants from hydraulic fracturing operations zaher hashisho
University of Alberta
33,000 49%
NSERC FlareNet Strategic Research Network Matthew Johnson
Carleton University
150,000 89%
Air Emission Inventories: Investigating prospective improvements on the reporting of gas emissions from the upstream oil and gas sector. Anna (Anya) Gawor
49000 54%
Condensable PM from combustion equipment Todd Tamura
Tamura Environmental, Inc.
55000 45%
Estimation of CO2 Reduction Co-benefits for Integrating Climate and Air Quality Policies Amir Hakami
Carleton University
60,000 48%
Multi-Pollutant Assessment Tool Francoise Robe
50,000 60%
High Resolution Inverse Modelling of Methane Emissions from Natural and Anthropogenic Sources in Alberta Amir Hakami
Carleton University
$60,000 54%
Estimation of CO2 Reduction Co-benefits for Integrating Climate and Air Quality Policies Amir Hakami
Carleton University
60,000 47%
Leak Detection and Repair Baseline – Part II. Michael D’Antoni
GreenPath Energy
30,000 75%
Leak Detection and Repair Baseline – Part II. Michael D’Antoni
GreenPath Energy
30,000 61%
Emission Factor for H2S Gas Analyzers Michael D’Antoni
GreenPath Energy
45,000 55%
BC Methane Emissions Study Michael D’Antoni
GreenPath Energy
75,000 67%
Hydraulic Fracturing Air emissions: Nature, Toxicity, Effects; How to do things better in a workable cost-effective manner. Rupert Goodhart
Goodhart International Ltd
65,500 40%
Mobile Methane Sensing Analytics for Emissions Reduction Chris Hugenholtz
University of Calgary
$150,000 66%
Advanced Methane Measurements using Novel Ground-based and UAV-based Sensors Brooke Coburn
Encana Corporation
$50,000.00 75%
Field Demonstration of Enclosed Combustors for methane emission destruction Brooke Coburn
Encana Corporation
$150,000.00 74%
Cap-Op Energy Methane Abatement Project Platform Field Trials Cooper Robinson
Cap-Op Energy
$150,000 0%