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To provide an efficient and effective mechanism to coordinate, initiate, fund, complete and communicate on Environmental research needed by the industry and government regulators enabling a prosperous upstream oil and gas industry achieving socially and environmentally responsible recovery of Canada’s petroleum resources through effective, market-driven collaboration.

Industry Led

The Alberta Upstream Petroleum Research Fund (AUPRF) is an industry-sponsored fund supported by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) and the Explorers and Producers Association of Canada (EPAC). The AUPRF Fund is managed and administered through PTAC Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada.   PTAC is a neutral facilitator of multi-stakeholder industry research and technology development projects.

This fund supports applied, peer-reviewed research that increases knowledge, assists in decision-making, and develops solutions to industry environment, health and safety/social issues. The science supporting AUPRF projects is based on independent, peer-reviewed research performed by consultants and university and government scientists.  The reports arising from this research are thorough and objective. They identify required improvements as well as practical cost-effective solutions.

Unique Collaborative Platform Unprecedented

The long-term success of the oil and gas industry in Canada depends on the collective advancement of this environmental agenda between all stakeholders.  AUPRF research is not undertaken in isolation.  Industry funds are leveraged by government, institutional and other stakeholder support, often at the rate of four to five dollars for every industry dollar.   Through PTAC, industry works closely with all stakeholders to ensure projects focus on high-priority issues and coordinates research efforts with other organizations.    Industry and government work together in the early design of research projects to address environmental issues resulting in efficiency in financial and technical resources and buy-in and uptake of  results.

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Although the AER participates in some PTAC committees, AER participation in any activity or committee of PTAC does not indicate the AER’s endorsement or approval (current or future) of any technology, course of action, research finding, or reports that result from PTAC projects or committees, nor does it indicate any potential outcome of a regulatory decision made by the AER.