2024 Call for Proposals Step 2

2024 Step 2 Detailed Application

(Please do not submit any confidential information. )

Project Lead:

Project Lead Organization / Company Information:

Performance Indicators:

Producers Support:

Funding Request (CDN$):

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(by year for up to 3 years)

Leveraged Funding:

If more detail is required then please note that you can upload additional funding information at the bottom of this form.

Project Scope:

Technical Area your proposal addresses:

What Policy Issue / Knowledge gap does your project address? Please refer the Policy Issues and Knowledge Gaps linked below

a. Air Emissions - https://auprf.ptac.org/air-policy-issues-and-knowledge-gaps
b. Ecological – https://auprf.ptac.org/ecological-policy-issues-and-knowledge-gaps
c. Remediation Reclamation – https://auprf.ptac.org/soil-and-groundwater-policy-issues-and-knowledge-gaps
d. Well Closure – https://auprf.ptac.org/well-abandonment-policy-issues-and-knowledge-gaps
e. Water Management – https://auprf.ptac.org/water-policy-issues-and-knowledge-gaps

Project Benefits (provide in detail the project benefits per benefit, if none state nil):

Project Team - Principle investigator and others

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If you wish to include any document to support your application you can upload here. Please note the limitation is one file per application. Please submit PDF documents only.
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