2023 Letter of Intent Step 2

Please do not submit any confidential information. 

2023 Step 2 – Detailed Application

Project Overview

Please provide a brief, non-confidential summary of your proposal, the activities to be performed and the anticipated outcomes. The proposal should include components for each stage with milestones, the project schedule, proposed costs and relevant expertise of the proposed team.

Project Lead:

Project Lead Organization / Company Information:

Performance Indicators

Producers Support

Funding Request (CDN$) fiscal year July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024

Funding Timing

Leveraged Funding:

Provide details regarding leveraged funding including source and amount of funding contributed to the project per year. Please note if you prefer to include a summary table please upload using the link below.

Project Scope:

Project Schedule/Budget with Milestones:

Relevant Expertise of Research Team:

Dissemination of Results/Peer Review

Maximum file size: 516MB

If you wish to include any document to support your application you can upload here. Please note the limitation is one file per application.
For further information please contact:
Tannis Such Lorie Mayes
Director, Environmental Research Initiatives Environmental Research Coordinator
(403) 218-7703 (403) 218-7707
[email protected] [email protected]