2015 Funding Members

Following are the names of the funding partners who have contributed to the AUPRF Program in 2015.   The forward thinking leadership and insight provided by these organizations allow for science and research for responsible resource development while mitigating environmental and human health effects through targeted innovation and collaboration.    We are proud to work with these companies who have walked the talk as stewards of the environment.

1506928 Alberta Ltd. Dark Warrior Resources Ltd. Luxur Resources Inc. Scavenger Energy Gp Inc.
1851328 Alberta Ltd. Deethree Exploration Ltd. Madalena Energy Inc. Secure Energy Services Inc.
385417 Alberta Ltd. Delphi Energy Corp. Malak Energy Inc. Sekur Energy Management Corp.
545279 Alberta Limited Deltastream Energy Corporation Mancal Energy Inc. Seller's Oilfield Service Ltd.
611890 Alberta Inc. Derrick Petroleum Ltd. Manitok Energy Inc. SemCAMS ULC
935821 Alberta Ltd. Detector Exploration Ltd. Mapan Energy Ltd. Serafin Resources Inc.
97837 Resources Ltd. Devon Canada Marksmen Energy Inc. Seven Generations Energy Ltd.
Adanac Oil & Gas Limited Dewpoint Resources Ltd. Marquee Energy Ltd. Shackleton Exploration Ltd.
Advance Drilling Ltd. Dirham Oil (2000) Inc. Mato Inc. Shaman Energy Corporation
Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd. Dow Chemical Canada ULC Medicine River Oil Recyclers Ltd. Shanpet Resources Ltd.
Agrium Products Inc. Eastnell Resources Ltd. MEG Energy Corp. Shell Canada Energy
Alberta Infrastructure Eclipse Resources Ltd. Mika Resources Ltd Shield Energy Ltd.
Alberta Petroleum Energy Limited Eco-Industrial Business Park Inc. Milen's Oilfield Enterprises Ltd. Shiningstar Energy Ltd.
Alder Ridge Resources Ltd. Edalis Energy Inc. Mistahiya Resources Ltd. Shoreline Energy Corp.
Alexander Oilfield Services Ltd. Ember Resources Inc. Modern Resources Inc. Signalta Resources Limited
AltaGas Ltd. Encana Corporation MOGL Corp. Silver Bay Resources Ltd.
Andora Energy Corporation Endurance Energy Ltd. Mosaic Energy Ltd. Silver Blaze Energy Ltd.
Anegada Energy Corp. Ener T Corporation Mount Dakota Energy Corp. Sitka Exploration Ltd.
Anterra Energy Inc. Enerplus Corporation Muirfield Resources Ltd. Sogar Resources Ltd.
Apache Canada Ltd. Enerstar Petroleum Corp. Murelle Enterprises Inc. Sojourn Energy Inc.
Aqua Terra Water Management Inc. Enhance Energy Inc. Murphy Oil Company Ltd. Sonoma Resources Ltd.
ARC Resources Ltd. EOG Canada Oil & Gas ULC Mutiny Oil & Gas Ltd. South Bay Resources Canada ULC
Arcan Resources Ltd. Exall Energy Corporation NAL Resources Limited South Ridge Management Ltd.
Arsenal Energy Inc. Executive Adventures 2008 Inc. NEP Canada ULC Spartan Energy Corp.
Artisan Energy Corporation Exshaw Oil Corp. New Star Energy Ltd. Spectra Energy Midstream Corporation
Ascensun Oil And Gas Ltd. Extra Energy Inc. Newalta Corporation Sphere Energy Corp.
Ascent Energy Ltd. ExxonMobil Canada Ltd. & ExxonMobil Resources Comp Nexen Energy ULC Spry2 Energy Inc.
ATCO Energy Solutions Ltd. Ferrybank Resources Ltd. Nexxtep Resources Ltd. Spur Resources Ltd.
Athabasca Oil Corporation Firenze Energy Ltd. Niska Gas Storage Canada ULC Spyglass Resources Corp.
Avalon Energy Ltd. First Mountain Exploration Inc. Northern Blizzard Resources Inc. Standard Exploration Ltd.
Avalon Oil & Gas Ltd. Five O Oil & Gas Ltd. Northern Spirit Resources Inc. Statoil Canada Ltd.
Baccalieu Energy Inc. Flow-Back Oil & Gas Ltd. Northern Utilities (sask.) Ltd. Steppe Petroleum Inc.
Band Energy Resources Ltd. Forent Energy Ltd. Northpine Energy Ltd. Stonewater Resources Inc.
Barcomp Petroleum Ltd. Freehold Royalties Ltd. NOVA Chemicals Corporation Storm Resources Ltd.
Barnwell of Canada Limited Freemont Resources Ltd. Novus Energy Inc. Strategic Oil & Gas Ltd.
Bashaw Oil Corp. G. Herman Group Inc. NuVista Energy Ltd. Striker Exploration Corp.
Baytex Energy Ltd. Gamet Resources Ltd. Nytis Exploration Company Inc. Success Resources Ltd.
BDJ Energy Inc. Gear Energy Ltd. Omers Energy Inc. Successor Resources Ltd.
Beaver Lake Resources Corporation GEX Resources Ltd. Omimex Canada Ltd. Summerfield Energy Inc.
Bellatrix Exploration Ltd. Gibson Energy ULC One Earth Oil & Gas Inc. Summerland Energy Inc.
Benjaka Exploration Inc. Glencoe Resources Ltd. Optimus Energy Limited Sun Century Petroleum Corporation
Bering Exploration Company ULC Glenogle Energy Inc. ORLEN Upstream Canada Ltd. Sun Star Energy Inc.
Beringer Energy Inc. Golden Coast Energy Corp. Osum Production Corp. Suncor Energy Inc.
Bernum Petroleum Ltd. Golden Spike Energy Inc. Owl River Resources Ltd. Superman Resources Inc.
Big Lake Energy Ltd. Goldenkey Oil Inc. Pachanga Corp. Surat Energy Inc.
Birchcliff Energy Ltd. Goodland Energy Ltd. Pachanga Energy Inc. Surge Energy Inc.
Birchwood Resources Inc. Grand Rapids Petroleum Ltd. Painted Pony Petroleum Ltd. Sutton Energy Ltd.
Blackpearl Resources Inc. Grandview Exploration Inc. Palliser Oil & Gas Corporation SW Resources ULC
Blackspur Oil Corp. Grizzly Resources Ltd. Path Resources Ltd. Sydco Energy Inc.
Blaze Energy Ltd. Gryphon Petroleum Corp. Pembina Marketing Ltd. Taber Water Disposal Inc.
BLZ Energy Ltd. Gunnarr Resources Inc. Pembina NGL Corporation Taku Gas Limited
Bonterra Energy Corp. Hanna Oil and Gas Company Pengrowth Energy Corporation Talisman Energy Inc.
Border Petroleum Limited Hard Rock Resources Ltd. Penn West Petroleum Ltd. Tallahassee Resources Inc.
Bow River Energy Ltd. Hardisty Caverns Ltd. Pennine Petroleum Corporation Tamarack Acquisition Corp.
Brahma Resources Ltd. Harvest Operations Corp. Perpetual Energy Inc. Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd.
Brevia Energy Inc. Hawk Exploration Ltd. Perpetual Energy Operating Corp. Tangle Creek Energy Ltd.
Bridgeoil Corporation Hell's Half-Acre Petroleum Corporation Persta Resources Inc. TAQA North Ltd.
Broadview Energy Ltd. Hemisphere Energy Corporation Petebrook Investments Ltd. Teric Power Ltd.
Bumper Development Corporation Ltd. HESC Energy Corporation Petenco Resources Ltd. Tero Oilfield Services Ltd.
Butte Energy Inc. High North Resources Ltd. Petro Buyers Inc. Terra Energy Corp.
Caltex Resources Ltd. Highvale Operating Corp. Petrocapita GP I Ltd. Terroco Industries Ltd.
Camino Industries Inc. Hillsdale Drilling Ltd. Petroleum Processors Inc. Tervita Corporation
Canadian International Oil Operating Corp. Hitic Energy Ltd. Petrus Resources Ltd. Tetreau & Associates Ltd.
Canadian Natural Resources Limited Horseshoe Bay Resources Limited Pine Cliff Energy Ltd. The Locke Stock & Barrel Company Ltd.
Canadian Oil & Gas International Inc. Husky Oil Operations Limited Plains Midstream Canada ULC Thoroughbred Energy Ltd.
Canadian Quantum Energy Corporation Hutterian Brethren Of Sunrise Pocahontas Petroleum Ltd. Tiger Calcium Services Inc.
Canamax Energy Ltd. Hyperion Exploration Corp. Polar Star Canadian Oil And Gas Inc. TimberRock Energy Corp.
Cancen Oil Processors Inc. Iberdrola Canada Energy Services Ltd. Predator Oil Ltd. Top Oil Production Ltd.
Canexus Corporation Imaginea Energy Corp. Primrose Drilling Ventures Ltd. TORC Oil & Gas Ltd.
Cansearch Resources Ltd. Imperial Oil Resources Progress Energy Canada Ltd. Toro Oil & Gas Ltd.
Canstone Energy Ltd. Imperial Oil Resources Limited Prospect Oil & Gas Management Ltd. Tourmaline Oil Corp.
Canuck North Resources Ltd. Inception Exploration Ltd. Quattro Exploration and Production Ltd. Tournament Exploration Ltd.
Canyon Oil & Gas Corporation Incipient Exploration Ltd. Questerre Energy Corporation Tower Ridge Enterprises Corp.
Cardinal Energy Ltd. Indepth Energy Inc. Questfire Energy Corp. TransCanada Energy Ltd.
Carrick Petroleum Inc. Indra Oil & Gas Ltd. Quicksilver Resources Canada Inc. Traverse Energy Ltd.
Ceiba Energy Services Inc. InPlay Oil Corp. Qwest Diversified Capital Corporation Triaxon Oil Operations Ltd.
Celanese Eva Performance Polymers Inc. Insignia Energy Ltd. Raging River Exploration Inc. Trident Exploration (Alberta) Corp.
Cen-Alta Oilfield Trucking Ltd. International Frontier Resources Corporation Raimount Energy Inc. Trident Exploration (wx) Corp.
Cenovus Energy Inc. Ish Energy Ltd. Range 3 Inc. Tri-Ment Corporation Ltd.
Cenovus FCCL Ltd. Japan Canada Oil Sands Limited Ravenwood Energy Corp. Tuscany Energy Ltd.
Centennial Petroleum Company Ltd. Jast Energy Ltd. Reber Exploration Ltd. Twin Butte Energy Ltd.
Cequence Energy Ltd. Jaycor Resources Inc. Redwater Water Disposal Company Limited Unit 18 Corp.
Changhua Energy Canada Ltd. John Lake Disposal Ltd. Regco Petroleums Ltd. Valeura Energy Inc.
Check Energy Ltd. Joli Fou Petroleums Ltd Regent Resources Ltd. Velvet Energy Ltd.
Chemtura Canada Co./CIE Journey Energy Inc. Relentless Resources Ltd. Venturion Oil Limited
Chevron Canada Limited JRJ Energy Ltd. Renergy Petroleum (Canada) Co. Ltd. Verity Energy Ltd.
Clampett Energy Ltd. Jupiter Resources Inc. Resourceful Petroleum Canada Limited Vesta Energy Ltd.
Clearbrook Resources Inc. K+S Windsor Salt Ltd./K+S Sel Windsor Ltee Response Energy Corporation Vital Energy Inc.
CNPC International (Canada) Ltd. Kainai Energy Corp. Revive Energy Corp Waldron Energy Corporation
Coastal Resources Limited Kairos Resources (2011) Ltd. Ribbon Creek Resources Inc. Warwick Gas Storage Ltd.
Coda Petroleum Inc. Kaiser Exploration Ltd. Richbar Energy Ltd. West Star Oil & Gas Co. Ltd.
Concerto Resources Ltd. Kam's Sand Coating Ltd. Ridal Resource Ltd. West Valley Energy Corp.
Connaught Oil & Gas Ltd. Kasten Energy Inc. Rife Resources Ltd. Westbrick Energy Ltd.
ConocoPhillips Canada (BRC) Partnership Kelt Exploration (LNG) Ltd. Rimfire Energy Inc. Westdrum Energy Ltd.
ConocoPhillips Canada Energy Partnership Kelt Exploration Ltd. RKSmith Energy Corp. Westhill Resources Limited
ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp. Keyera Energy Ltd. RMP Energy Inc. Whitecap Resources Inc.
ConocoPhillips Western Canada Partnership KinMerc Oil & Gas Inc. Rock Energy Inc. Whitehall Energy Ltd.
Contact Exploration Inc. Koch Oil Sands Operating ULC Rockbridge Energy Alberta Inc. Whitemud Creek Resources Ltd.
Convega Energy Ltd. Kootenay Energy Inc. Rockeast Energy Corp. Wilcox Energy Corp.
Copper Island Resources Ltd. Land Petroleum International Inc. Rolling Hills Energy Ltd. Wildcat Rentals Ltd.
Corse Energy Corp. Laricina Energy Ltd. RON Resources Ltd. WLA Investment Ltd.
Corval Energy Ltd. Legacy CEC Ltd. Roswell Petroleum Corporation Wolf Coulee Resources Inc.
CQ Energy Canada Resources Partnership Legacy Oil + Gas Inc. Ruger Energy Inc. Writers Oil & Gas Limited
Crazy Hill Resources Ltd. LGX Oil + Gas Inc. Rustum Petroleums Limited XTO Energy Canada
Crescent Point Energy Corp. Lockwood Resources Ltd. Sabanero Energy Corp. Yangarra Resources Corp.
Crew Energy Inc. LOF Energy Ltd. Sabre Energy Ltd. Yoho Resources Inc.
Crimson Oil & Gas Ltd. Logic Energy Ltd. Sahara Energy Ltd. Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd.
Croverro Energy Ltd. Long Run Exploration Ltd. Samson Oil and Gas Inc. Zeal Energy Inc.
Custom Energy Group Ltd. Long Term Asset Management Inc. Sanford Petroleum Ltd. Znx Energy Ltd.
Dark Energy Ltd. Luxor Oil And Gas Ltd. Santonia Energy Inc.