Well Abandonment

The committee will support industry’s desire for shared research to develop credible and relevant information to address knowledge gaps related to suspended, abandoned, remediated, and reclaimed wells.  A collaborative approach engages subject matter experts, from industry, government, and academia, to identify and prioritize knowledge gaps resulting in research projects addressing high priority environmental and social matters. These research projects will help in development of smart regulations, and best practices, and identification of potential technologies to find cost effective approach in managing and mitigating environmental footprint.

Well Abandonment Public Policy Issues and Knowledge Gaps

Public Policy Issue Associated Knowledge Gap(s) Associated Projects(s)
Improving the understanding of the impacts of surface casing vent flows. Gas migration from wellbores is a potentially significant liability and cost issue that requires greater technical understanding of causal mechanisms and potential environmental impacts. Cement integrity assessment
Detection methods for subsurface leaks and migration
  • Methane Emissions – Human and Ecological Health Risk based Ranking and Prioritization Tool
Repair and remediation technologies
  • Plug and Abandon Strategies for Canada’s Oil & Gas Wells
Environmental impacts from surface casing vent flows with respect to shallow aquifers and greenhouse gas