2017 List of Ecological Projects – Step 2

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Project Title First Name, Last Name and Organization Funding Request Ranking Percentage
Invasive species management on reclaimed lands using natural competition and the resulting response of native vegetation and wildlife Dean MacKenzie
Vertex Resource Group Limited
$22,450 63%
Exploring the potential effects of operational noise from energy-sector facilities on grizzly bears (Ursus arctos) in west-central Alberta Sarah Milligan
fRI Research
$22,000 (A detailed budget is provided in the attached appendix) 66%
Woodland caribou calving areas and calf survival in relation to habitat selection, anthropogenic disturbance, and exposure to predation risk Barry Nobert
fRI Research
$25,000 79%
Targeting alternate prey to understand caribou and moose habitat management choices in a regenerating landscape: increasing functional habitat for caribou within west-central ranges. Karine Pigeon
fRI Research
35,000$ 76%
Development of Remote Sensing Techniques for Regional Reclamation Monitoring of Peatlands in Alberta – Phase-2 Mark Kapfer
55,000 (a detailed budget and justification in Appendix-1, pages 16-17) 70%
Efficient monitoring of wildlife responses to seismic line restoration in the Algar Habitat Restoration Program Cole Burton
University of British Columbia, Department of Forest Resources Management
$75,000 76%
Caribou Range Restoration Project: 10 Year Follow-up Monitoring of Naturally Regenerating Seismic Lines in West Central Alberta Paula Bentham
Golder Associates
$48,698 58%
Assessing MHC diversity and health linkages in boreal and central mountain caribou Laura Finnegan
fRI Reseach
25000 56%
Optimization of cost-effective and functionally effective vegetation management solutions for forest reclamation Amanda Schoonmaker
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
$17,032.50 72%
Redefining Designable Units (DUs): Phase 2, Mountain and Boreal Caribou in Alberta and BC Marco Musiani
University of Calgary
$63,135 73%
Monitoring Wetlands, Wildlife, Vegetation, and Reclamation Across Space and Time Jonah Keim
Matrix Solutions Inc.
$61,865 67%
Monitoring the Efficacy of Functional Restoration of Linear Features for Boreal Woodland Caribou Jonah Keim
Matrix Solutions Inc.
$70,692 74%
Canada Warbler Response To Vegetation on Recovering Energy Sector Disturbances Erin Bayne
University of Alberta
30000 79%